Presentations @TDChristian


GROUP 1: Three Presentations (15 min.)


Choose one of:

"Improving My Shot" (Grade 9 Physical Education)

"Plant Wall Project" (Grade 10 Environmental Block)

"Devotions" (Grade 10 Environmental Block)


Choose one of:

"Opening to Receive: Painting" (Grade 9 Art)

"Workplace Safety" (Grade 10 Careers)


Choose one of:

"Je Suis Unique" (Grade 9 French)

"Invasive Species Report" (Grade 9 Science)



GROUP 2: Two Presentations (15 min.)


Choose one of:

"Math in Biology" (Grade 11 Math)

"Fairy Tales" (Grade 11 Photography)

"A Talk: It Will Pass" (Grade 12 Business Leadership)


Choose one of:

"Making a Smoothie" (Grade 11 Comm. Technology)

“Planting a Cedar” (Co-op Education)

"Ancient Civilizations" (Grade 11 History)

"Early Humans to the Iron Age" (Grade 11 History)


GROUP 3: Two Presentations (20 min.)


Choose one of:

"The Impact of Careers" (Grade 10 Careers)

"BPA & Responsibility” (Grade 11 Chemistry)

"The Korean Renaissance" (Grade 12 History)


Choose one of:

"A Day in My Life at the Bakery" (Co-op Education)

"Perspectives Presentation" (Grade 11 English)

"Oedipus Rex - Musical Suite" (Grade 12 English)




GROUP 4: Two Presentations (20 min.)


Choose one of:

"Story Event for Improv" (Grade 10 Drama)

"Asbestos" (Grade 11 Chemistry)

"Cohort Competitions" (Grade 12 PE Leadership)


Choose one of:

"Vanishing Point and Perspective" (Grade 11 Math)

"The News on Adrenaline" (Grade 12 Biology)

"The Pink Tax" (Grade 12 Law)


GROUP 5 (15 min.)


Choose one of:

"Inventing a Spud Gun" (Grade 11 STEM)

"Math in SciFi" (Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors)




A Final Video Presentation:


“Kristina’s Wish Update”